In your twenties

The choices you make and habits you form in your twenties may impact how much financial freedom you have through the years and even decades ahead.

1. Manage your cashflow and debt

Why wait? Buy now, pay later.
Sounds enticing but remember, credit will cost you. Most people don't even think about it but fees and interest payments can add up to thousands of dollars.
It might sound a little basic, but you can put yourself way ahead, simply by budgeting and managing debt well.


2. Bust bad debt, go for good

Bad debt includes debt that carries expenses like interest payments that you can't get a tax deduction on and tends to be used for consumer items like credit card purchases, a car or a holiday which usually reduce in value. It also includes your home mortgage.


3. Start a regular investment plan and re-invest earnings

Your distinct advantage

As a younger person, by starting now and reinvesting any interest or earnings back into your investment, you can maximise the power of what's called compound interest. Time is in your favour.


4. Kick-start your super

Get a boost from the government
Your life is cranking up so the last thing you may be thinking about is your retirement. But what if the government could help you grow your super? Sounds too good to be true? It's not!
You could be eligible for a boost from the government of up to $1000!

Contact us today to find out how much government co-contribution you may be eligible for!

5. Make good choices for super - potentially your biggest asset

It could be your biggest asset ever, worth maybe even more than your home - so get interested in your super.

Take control
You might be able to choose which fund your super is paid into - millions of Australians can - and what sorts of investments your super is invested in. Making the right choice now could make a big difference to how much you get in super benefits.